Sunday, June 6, 2010

Virgin Mango Colada

After many dinners of nothing but Brazilian lemonade, we decided we should try something different. although my mother didn't like the change from Brazilian lemonade, we looked around and found Mango Colada. We tried it out and rated it.

Wade's critique: The drink was actually quite tasty if you are to add enough mangos, but their was a problem in my opinion. The after taste of the rum extract (which is optional) was too strong leaving a strange taste in the mouth for quite a while giving this recipe a: C+

Mom's critique: I disagree with Wade. I think the canned pineapple (vs. fresh) gave it a somewhat metallic taste, and left me with not wanting a second helping. Next time: fresh pineapple, and double the mango (what exactly is a MEDIUM size mango?? I think ours were too small) Grade: C+

Virgin Mango Colada

1 C chopped mango (about 1 medium mango)
1/3 C cream of coconut (NOT coconut milk)
1/2 C pineapple chunks, including some of the juice or syrup
juice from one lime
1-2 tsp. rum extract (optional)
crushed ice

Combine chopped mango, pineapple chunks and juice, lime juice, and cream of coconut in blender. While blender is running, add crushed ice until desired consistency is reached.

Pour drink into glasses (2 generous servings, 3-4 smaller servings).

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